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AS Physics: Forces & Motion June 2005

Here are some questions from the June 2005 Forces & Motion paper, from OCR. Reproduced with permission.

1 (a) (i) Define velocity. [1]

(ii) Define acceleration. [1]

(b) During some car races, the cars often stop to refuel and change tyres.

(i) Suggest why a car stops to refuel rather than taking enough fuel at the start in order to complete the race without stopping. [2]

(ii) Explain why the smooth tyres used in dry conditions are changed to those with a tread in wet weather. [2]

(c) Fig. 1.1 illustrates a racetrack near a refuelling station.

illustrates a racetrack near a refuelling station
Fig. 1.1

The cars A and B are in a race and both have a speed of 80 m s-1. Car A has a lead over car B of 17.0 s at X when A leaves the racetrack to refuel. Car A travels 120 m from X to the refuelling station.

Calculate the following values for car A, from the point where it leaves the racetrack until it comes to rest at the refuelling station. Assume the deceleration is constant.

(i) the average deceleration

Deceleration = .................. m s-2 [3]

(ii) the time taken

Time = .................. s [2]

(d) Car A refuels in 9.0 s and then takes 4.0 s to travel to Y. During the refuelling of car A, car B continues to travel at 80 m s-1. Calculate the time difference between the cars A and B as car A arrives back on the racetrack at Y.

Time = .................. s [4]
[Total: 15]

Worked answers and hints and tips on answering the above coming soon!

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